MILANOSPORT、'Water To The Loo'を公開


イタリア/ミラノ拠点のポストパンクバンド MILANOSPORTが、3/15にFactory Flawsからリリースしたデビューアルバム『Concrete』より、'Water To The Loo'を公開!

昨年のThe Great Escape Festivalで、何千人もの業界関係者の投票によって選出されるSteve Strange Awardを受賞した注目のバンド。



““Concrete’ is a chronicle of concreting. Concreting of the silence that has remained deaf and therefore emits annoying noises without stopping. Concreting of the space, saturated to the point of having blocked the view of the sky forever. Cementation of sterile stories, of the silly society, of the solitary spirit. ‘Concrete’ is a collection of songs that traces the elaboration of the recent past and has its roots in the nights of the pandemic: it is an introspective journey on the link between the individual and the surrounding reality, a look into the swirl of asphalt, routine, air heavy, pleasantries, rails and night living the city. But ‘Concrete’ is also a dance of everyone with everyone, but of no one with someone, a parade in which the label is like a patina of concrete between people, a flow of tar that slowly fills every empty interstice to the brim, until the end of time, until the end of breath. But we still have breath and we use it to sing angry and neurotic songs. You can perhaps hear them if, like a Native American, you put your ear to the cold concrete.”



Factory Flaws