MILANOSPORT、'Our Atoms'を公開



イタリア/ミラノ拠点のポストパンクバンド MILANOSPORTが、12/1にFactory Flawsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Our Atoms'を公開!

10月の'Back In The Loop'に続いて良い曲。妙にメロディアスなところと中盤のめっちゃシンプルなシンセが好き。


“We went down, into the subway, the underground intestine of the city. We met women, we met men; we did not meet anyone. Quick as glass marbles, they pass by each other, never collide. They see themselves reflected in the windows of the train, each captured by their own reflection, nothing else, the emptiness around them in the crowd. If only our atoms could touch each other. We photographed this alienation in a bittersweet, evening piece that speaks of human extraneousness, expanded like a journey in solitude, tight but gentle, melancholic, made of sound joints, overlapping harmonic fabrics, never in contact. If only our atoms could touch each other.”



Our Atoms
Factory Flaws