Lala Lala & WHY?、コラボシングル 'Siren 042'のMVを公開

Lala Lala why

昨年リリースのアルバム『The Lamb』が好評の Lala Lalaと、USオルタナの雄 WHY?が、コラボレーションシングル 'Siren 042'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Scott Fredette。

リリースは Hardly Art, Joyful Noise Recordingsより。

“Yoni [Wolf] once talked me down when we were on the the strongest LSD of my life and I claimed to be ‘drowning in a river of sadness.’ I text him when I’m sick. Is he my life coach? Seems that way. I am a WHY? super fan and making this song was a dream come true. I hope to trick him into letting me into his home and more collaboration soon.” - Lillie West (Lala Lala)

Siren 042
Lala Lala & WHY?
Hardly Art / Joyful Noise