Katie Tupper、'Misbehavin''のMVを公開

Katie Tupper
thomas van der zaag

カナダ/サスカトゥーン拠点のミュージシャン・プロデューサー Katie Tupperが、2/18にArts & CraftsからリリースしたデビューEP『Towards The End』より、'Misbehavin''のMVを公開!

Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski)を共同プロデュースに迎えたデビュー作品。曲を構成する音全部好き。特に声とギターの奥行きの違いが面白いですね。

Charlotte Day Wilson, Loonyをはじめ、前の記事の Sara-Danielleも含めて、出自や音は違えど同じカナダ出身でどこか共通の雰囲気を持っていて、それぞれ知名度関係なく素晴らしい音楽を作ってますね。


“'Misbehavin’ is a song I wrote for my partner,” “I realized when we first started dating that I had a lot of bad habits that I had built with previous partners and I was ready to break them for him. This song is super special to me because I think sonically it's the closest to myself I’ve ever felt in a song. Connor Seidel and I spent a really long time perfecting the sound of this song and placing everything intentionally. I also love all the live horns that we got to have in this song - it felt luxurious to have a real musician play horns but it really does add so much to the song.”


Towards The End
Katie Tupper
Arts & Crafts