カリフォルニア州出身のマルチインストゥルメンタリスト Billy Kimによるソロプロジェクト Karaboudjanが、8/12にCastle Bravoからリリースしたニューシングル 'Scatter'を公開!


Tycho譲りのドリーミーなシンセと力強いドラムが魅力的で、以前取り上げた'Seems Like'と同様にメロディの美しさも際立ってます。彼が書くメロディラインの切なさ成分がちょうど自分にハマるんだよな。


“For me personally, Scatter is about the journey of discovery and the nostalgia of traveling. When I was a kid, I always envied the kids who came back from holiday with stories from their international adventures. Growing up, my family never had taken us on a plane before, even domestically so naturally I had always considered it to be a certain privilege I wouldn’t experience during my youth. But the concept of visiting these places I’ve only read in books or seen on television just seemed so foreign to me. I had this moment on tour, where this immense sense of appreciation dawned over me. It doesn’t take too much to get burnt out from weeks on the road, so I guess this is my subtle reminder to appreciate things more, which became even more apparent after the start of the pandemic.”


Castle Bravo