ネオクラシカル・コンポーザー Jameson Nathan Jones、10/27に『What Dreams May Come』をリリース

Jameson Nathan Jones
Tim Sandwick

ミシシッピ州ローレル出身のコンポーザー Jameson Nathan Jonesが、10/27リリースのニューアルバム『What Dreams May Come』からタイトル曲を公開!


追記:'Fallen feat. Hannah Sumner'が公開されました。

"The album follows a dream sequence, so the themes return at various points, but not always obviously. When we dream, things are often blurry and out of order in ways that don't make much sense. Occasionally there are moments of clarity, and I feel like it's much the same when listening to the record. I knew I wanted to make a conceptual album in a singles culture. You can listen to each part individually, but it really takes on a new meaning when you listen to the work as a whole."

Jameson Nathan Jones - What Dreams May Come