Frances Quinlan、デビューALから 'Your Reply'を公開

Frances Quinlan
Julia Khorosilov

ペンシルベニア州フィラデルフィア出身のオルタナティヴロックバンド Hop Alongのリーダー Frances Quinlanが、1/31にSaddle Creekからリリースするソロデビューアルバム『Likewise』より、'Your Reply'を公開!

現行インディーロックの中でも飛び抜けて好きな歌声です。2020年のSaddle Creekの勢いすごいですね。


“There can be a one-sidedness to even the most loving and rewarding relationships,” “We will always have a part of ourselves we can’t or don’t know how to share. There are so many risks involved. Regardless, I think of this song as celebratory. If anything, the speaker is frustrated at coming so close to understanding another person completely, but perhaps only just missing the mark. But still what a gift that is, to come close.”


Frances Quinlan
Saddle Creek