James YoungとAiden Whalleyからなるエレクトロニックデュオ Darkstarが、9/30に発売するニューアルバム Foam Island から、'Through The Motions'を公開!

さらに以前ミュージックビデオを公開した'Pin Secure'のセッション映像も到着!


Mad Rush – Phillip Glass
After Soaking Two Years And Then Lying High Six Months It Was Perfectly Sound Through Waterlogged Past Dying – Shane Carruth
Chez Le Commandeur – Hector Zazou
Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am – Fela Kuti
Monijitas – Soul Keita
In Principio – Ludovico Einaudi
Africa Dub – Augustus Pablo
Listening Wind – Talking Heads
Fabulous Paris – Trevor Wishart
Comin’ For Datazz – Gang Starr
Subterraneans – David Bowie
Institutionalized – Kendrick Lamar
Yayla – Rezzet
Memories Of Green – Vangelis
Through The Motions – Darkstar
midipipe1csds3timecube-klonedrm – AFX
Day In Day Out – XTC
The Last Human Exist Dance – Tylervision
Breathless – Gwilym Gold
I want you – Eyrkah Badu
Interplanetary Music – Mickey Moonlight
The Hours – Phillip Glass
Opera – Daniel Lanois