NZIRIA、'Amam Ancora'のMVを公開

イタリア/ナポリ拠点のエレクトロニックアーティスト NZIRIAが、3月にNever Sleepからリリースしたシングル 'Amam Ancora'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Bianca Peruzzi。



“I tried to encapsulate in this record that small symbolic universe which, for me at least, is Neapolitan culture. Some of these images are reminiscences of my childhood, while others are things I discovered a lot later, when I decided to look back at my origins and embrace them with pride. I chose to include references to history, beliefs, traditions, to celebrate the Tarantella in a different but somehow related key, and to start the record with a magical figure, the Femminiello, because I wanted this album to be like that: hybrid, mysterious and lucky.” - NZIRIA


Amam Ancora
Never Sleep