ドリームポップバンド CIEL、'All My Life'を公開

Julia Nala

イングランド/ブライトン拠点のオルタナティヴポップバンド CIELが、11/11にリリースしたニューシングル 'All My Life'を公開!



“‘All My Life’ is a song about introversion. I have always been quite shy and a very introverted person. Although I love parties and hanging out with other people, I need a lot of time for myself and to be able to do things at my own pace too. The song is about finding your way into the world, which can be quite loud and fast-paced when you’re a more soft-spoken person. And realising that you can make a difference in a more subtle way, and stand in your power that way” - Michelle Hindriks