Boniface、'Wake Me Back Up'のMVを公開

カナダ/ウィニペグ出身のMicah Visserによる名義 Bonifaceが、7月にTransgressive Recordsからリリースしたシングル 'Wake Me Back Up'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは兄弟でバンドメンバーの Joseph Visser。

今作には、昨年共にツアーを行ったバンド Blaenavonのギタリスト Ben Gregoryが参加してます。共同プロデューサーは Neil Comber (Glass Animals, Declan McKenna)。


“Wake Me Back Up is about feeling you’re on the brink of something significant. In my case it was a relationship, but it could be anything that feels important to you right now. The video was directed by my brother Joey, made with the help of some kind and talented friends. We filmed it in a very hot garage a few weeks back. Actually, the same garage the song was written in a few summers ago.”


Wake Me Back Up