UKチルアウト・ポップバンド BE GOOD、新曲 'Not Waking Up'を公開

Kaye Dougall

イングランド/オックスフォード出身のオルタナティヴポップバンド BE GOODが、5/19リリースのニューシングル 'Not Waking Up'を公開!

BE GOODは、Ash Cooke, Charles Clark, James Cunning, Patrick Burleyの4人組。これまでに C DuncanJAWSと共演してます。


デビューEP『God Of Nowhere』は6/14にリリース。

“The song is about the time I woke up on New Year’s Day covered in soot because I’d slept in a fireplace at a house party – the prick who was having the party wouldn’t let me sleep anywhere else. Crawling out of the fireplace the next day felt strangely like a rebirth”,

“In the end the track ended up touching on themes of disconnection and renewal, but you can really just take it as a groggy party anthem for the sleep-deprived” - Ash Cooke