オルタナ・ポップアーティスト Luwten、'Sleeveless'のMVを公開

Eddo Hartmann

オランダ/アムステルダム拠点のミュージシャン Tessa Douwstraによる名義 Luwtenが、4/20にGlassnoteからリリースするニューアルバム『Draft』より、先行シングル 'Sleeveless'のMVを公開!


On Sleeveless I sing of a world in which we stop hiding ourselves. Life gives us many things to hide behind: the things we say, the things we buy, what we choose to show, the expectations we and others have of us. I think I have done quite a lot of hiding myself but most of the time I’ve found it to be tiring. It doesn’t feel like an honest way to live and it can actually deprive us of living freely.I was thinking about how being naked might be the best physical equivalent to being honest. Nothing to hide. I never expressed myself like I’m doing in this video. It feels vulnerable, posed, natural, strong, weak, ugly and beautiful at the same time. And that’s just perfect.