オルタナロックバンド Scrounge、'Leaking Drains'を公開

suzi corker

イングランド/サウス・ロンドン拠点のオルタナティヴロックバンド Scroungeが、2/19にFierce Panda Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Leaking Drains'を公開!

Scroungeはギタリスト Lucy、ドラマー Lukeによる2人組。2019年発表のEP『Ideal』以降、Italia 90, Mice Ön Mars, Eyesore & the Jinxなどと共演してます。


“This track is designed to be short and sharp, both lyrically and instrumentally,” “Living standards and life expectancy have dramatically dropped for the majority of ordinary people in the UK over the last generation or so, and it often feels like we’re at once completely weightless and under extreme pressure – a little like being deep underwater. “The demonization and punching-down that constitutes most of the mainstream discourse around debt, housing, poverty and precarity in this country only compounds the issue. The anger and absurdity of a track like ‘Leaking Drains’ is driven by this stuff.”


Leaking Drains
Fierce Panda