インテリジェント・エレクトロ!Daniel Brandt (Brandt Brauer Frick)、ソロデビュー作から 'Kale Me'を公開

昨年10月に発売されたアルバムも素晴らしかったドイツの人力ダンスバンド Brandt Brauer Frickの Daniel Brandtが、3月リリースのソロデビューアルバム『Eternal Something』から 'Kale Me'を公開!


"I started recording 'Kale Me' at my home studio while our washing machine was going wild in the bathroom. It sounded like a huge rave break. I instantly set up a microphone, recorded a full cycle and implemented it into the song. The washing machine stopped working right after the recording and never made any sound again. I was pretty lucky." – Daniel Brandt

Eternal Something
Daniel Brandt
Erased Tapes
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