Muo Duo、'20th Century Girl'のMVを公開

Muo Duo

ニューヨーク拠点の Miles Donnelly, Winter Donnellyによる兄妹・オルタナティヴポップデュオ Muo Duoが、5/3にリリースしたニューシングル '20th Century Girl'のMVを公開!

近日発売予定のEP『The Muo Theory』収録曲。

ユニークな経歴については2月に公開された'Exciting Times'のときに書いたのであわせてどうぞ。

Muo Duo、'Exciting Times'を公開


“Our next pop opus showcases versatile production, story telling, and vocal prowess. We tell the story of a girl watching the world go by from her cell phone. People were not made for this world run by the internet and social media. When your personality is split in so many mirrors it is hard to keep track of who you really are. Winter, who has performed on Broadway and has had various TV appearances, does her best impression of Ariana Grande in true vocal pop decadence. It's pure drama.”