愛を歌う姿が似合う男 Yellow Days、『Is Everything Okay in Your World?』を10/27にリリース

Yellow Days

直近のライブ9本すべてがソールドアウトという注目度急上昇中のティーンエイジャー George van den Broekによる Yellow Daysが、10/27にGood Yearsからリリースする新作『Is Everything Okay in Your World?』より、'I Believe In Love'を公開!



The song is about believing in love despite the pain that goes on when you're with someone, for me love is a reason not to give up on your life. The sheer power of love makes it the one most meaningful thing that you can find/ experience on this earth, so regardless of the hurt as a romantic I will chase that feeling to find a true honest love.

Is Everything Okay in Your World?
Yellow Days
Doobie McQueen / Good Years