Westerman、'Idol; RE-run'を公開

Pinelopi Gerasimou

サウスロンドン出身で現在はギリシャ/アテネを拠点とするアーティスト Westermanが、10/12にPartisan Records・Play It Again Samからリリースしたニューシングル 'Idol; RE-run'を公開!

2年振りの新曲。月末はLaura Mischのツアーサポートを行ない、来年5月にはアメリカツアーを実施予定です。


“The lyrics to the song were written around the same time as the storming of the Capitol. The compulsion towards the pedestal is strong. The need to scapegoat and revere without logic. Our populists actively celebrate there being people who don’t know anything other or better than anyone else, yet these spectres with their failings conduct our anger and resentment as if they were gods. They are nothing more than the shadow of something else, the face fronting a need to be loved or revered present in everyone. And there will always be another face to front.” - Westerman


Live Dates

10/24 - Birmingham, UK @ Hare & Hounds
10/25 - Manchester, UK @ Yes
10/26 - Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
10/28 - London, UK @ Union Chapel

Idol; RE-run
Partisan / Play It Again Sam