[Premiere] Latin Lovers (a mix by Trust in Love)

米ニューヨーク出身のエレクトロ・ポップアーティスト Trust In Loveが、Niche Musicの為に35分のミックスを作ってくれました!

プエルトリコ育ちの彼女らしいラテン・ミーツ・80'sエレポップの景気の良さがふんだんに味わえます。というか、シンプルにTrust In Loveありがとう!

Latin Rascals - It Must Be You (12" mix)
Lil Suzy - Take Me in Your Arms
Stevie B - I Wanna Be the One
TKA - Tears May Fall
Rockell - In a Dream
Buffy - Give Me a Reason
Information Society - Running


Latin Freestyle - one of the important cornerstones of my middle school music education when I was growing up in Puerto Rico. I didn't realize until much later that it was a genre that very deliberately threaded themes of traditional Latin dance music, like salsa and merengue, into electronic dance music structures of the time. It was born out of the 80s club music scene in NYC, thriving in the urban Latino and Italian-American neighborhoods, then spreading to other parts of America.

Those horns and orchestral hits, mixed with the syncopated percussion very specific to Latin Freestyle have always had a place in my heart. Lyrics anchored in lost love, broken hearts, and longing totally hit my melancholic sweet spot. It's a genre that I thought never got the credit it deserved as it added greatly to the fabric of dance music history and development.

The electronic glamour of Latin Freestyle, here is a short sample of some of my fav tracks.

彼女の初期Depeche Modeに通ずるセンスが冴え渡る最新曲'Hyperreal'は、レーベルサイト AMDISCSからフリーダウンロードできるのでこの機会に是非どうぞ!