Moon Blue、'Where There's The Light'を公開

Moon Blue

イングランド出身で、現在はイタリア/ローマ拠点のマルチインストゥルメンタリスト George Appletonによるソロプロジェクト Moon Blueが、5/17にFactory Flawsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Where There's The Light'を公開!

普段はまず最初に曲を聴いて良かったら説明を読むっていう流れで、なるべく作者の思いに触れずに第一印象を捉えたいからそうしてるんですけど。あー良い曲だなーっつって読んだら今回も先月のシングル 'Sotto La Luna'もパートナーに関する曲で、その親しみが感じられるエピソードも込みで好きですね。同じ状況になったことはないけど、なんか分かるなーって。


“this song was written during our transition from bologna to rome. it felt like a precarious time. my partner and i had left a small city in which we had friends, and a real sense of community, and were essentially thrust into chaos which we otherwise wouldn’t have chosen (we had to leave bologna for visa reasons). after a few months i had enrolled in university and was getting my social needs met just by being in class. my partner didn’t have that luxury and was finding it difficult to meet people. seeing her struggle broke my heart, and writing this song was a way for me to channel that. a year later, she is thriving and enjoying the city, and it’s me who is struggling with the chaos and italian bureaucracy.”



Where There's the Light
Moon Blue
Factory Flaws