ブリスベンのソウル・アーティスト Tiana Khasi、デビューEPから 'They Call Me'を公開

Tiana Khasi
Gavin Boyd

オーストラリア/ブリスベン出身、ジャズ・ヒップホップコレクティヴ Astro Travellersのメンバー Tiana Khasiが、3/29にSoul Has No TempoからリリースするデビューEP『Meghalaya』より、先行シングル 'They Call Me'を公開!

"'They Call Me' was written to challenge the problematic depictions of women in history and literature. It’s also a tribute to the fierce women whose rebellion, fire and strength inspires me, especially my Tinā ole Tinā (Nana). I wanted this song to to become an anthem for myself and other women to abandon shame, reclaim and redefine the names they have been given and be the authors of their own story" - Tiana Khasi

They Call Me
Tiana Khasi
Soul Has No Tempo