Danny Kuttner、'Come Play With Me'のMVを公開

イスラエル/テルアビブ拠点のアーティスト Danny Kuttnerが、11/30にリリースしたニューシングル 'Come Play With Me'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Mary Patan, Shani Egozin。


演奏は、サイケバンド Şatellitesや Cloud Of I名義で知られる Yuli Shafriri, 夏に出したアルバムも好内容だったドラマー・プロデューサー Roy Reemyをはじめ、Toot Raviv, Eitan Drabkin, Zohar Bar Shalom, Itzik Spadiaが参加。


“the lyrics are about the desire to live curiously and a constant reminder to play, which was the creative process I used to approach its songwriting. I recorded artists in a playful and organic way, with no pre devised plan, in different settings; the drums were recorded in a professional studio, the flute was recorded in a friend’s wardrobe. Some of the recordings were spontaneous and some Pre-calculated, which made it all fun and unexpected” - Danny Kuttner