Mark McGuireのプロジェクト The Road Chiefが新曲'Is This Really Love?'を公開

Emeraldsのギタリストとして才能を爆発させていたMark McGuireのプロジェクト The Road Chiefが、8/21にCascineから発売するデビューアルバム All My Love より、'Is This Really Love?'を公開!

こちらは以前公開された'Summer Eyes'。

"While we would work, I'd get little breaks during the day and just drive around North Hollywood smoking weed and listening to the early mixes of the tracks. Those days for me were all about bright, sunny midday vibes, glass sparkling water bottles, coconut milk shampoo, sunscreen smells, the leather interior of the car getting hot in the sun...glimpses like that."

All My Love
The Road Chief