The Long Faces、'Eisenhower'を公開

The Long Faces
The Long Faces

イングランド/ロンドン拠点のインディーフォークバンド The Long Facesが、4/14にリリースしたニューシングル 'Eisenhower'を公開!

The Long Facesは Tom Lane, Duy Phimasset, Halden Cooke, Harry Shapiro, Dan Ballの5人組。カンタベリー出身の学生同士で結成し、2017年にデビューシングル 'Cadence'を発表。




“‘Eisenhower’ is the right song at the right time for us as a band. We’re at a moment in our development where sonically, things are moving in a decidedly new direction, which we’re very excited about, whilst at the same time, we’re reflecting on how we got here: our coming of age both as a group, and as individuals. The song itself is a kind of meditation on all of these feelings. It’s about conflicting impulses, about the tension between nostalgic and progressive desires, and the possibilities that arise from confronting both at once.”




The Long Faces