ドリームポップ・アクト THALA ft. Bearcubs、'Something In The Water'のMVを公開


ドイツ/ベルリン拠点のアーティスト THALAが、11月にDuchess Box Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Something In The Water'のMVを公開!

制作は MÉRO。

ロンドン拠点のシンガー・プロデューサー Bearcubsを迎えた新曲で、''Moonlight Shadows', 'Serenade'につづく近日リリース予定のデビューアルバムの収録曲。かなり良い曲を連発してて密かに期待してる人です。


“Bearcubs and me had met for our first session as artists in April this year, just to see what we could casually create together. Me coming from a more shoegaze and dreamy place, him from a more electronic world combined with indie, I was pretty stoked to work with him. We pretty quickly started talking about our lives and how crazy the passage of time is and how sometimes you notice it straight away and how on other times you do but it takes you a little while or a few experiences longer. We've sampled little kids playing inside their blow-up pool out in the courtyard and the subject was pretty much born. I wanted it to be a song, that fits every coming-of-age movie and that resonates with being a teenager becoming an adult and an adult becoming wiser on its way.” THALA


Something in the Water
THALA featuring Bearcubs
Duchess Box