オルタナロックバンド Social Haul、'Wet Eyes'を公開

イングランド出身のオルタナティヴロックバンド Social Haulが、2/24にFatcat Recordsからリリースしたデビューシングル 'Wet Eyes'を公開!

Social Haulは Leigh Padley, Daniel William Daws, Richard Trustの3人組。Fatcatから数々の良作を発表したTRAAMSのLeigh Padley率いる新バンドで、ザクザクした音と力強いリフで突き進むナイスな一曲ですね。

プロデューサーは Daniel Fox (Girl Band)。

“‘Wet Eyes’ was inspired by an overheard conversation in the pub. The fellas were riffing on the inherent obsolescence of all human skill and the inevitable deterioration of their individual dreams. They concluded that it was in fact quite liberating to be but a cog in a machine and seemed to recognise their fortune in this understanding, all the while haphazardly navigating their flippant political leanings and the football scores. They had a good night I think, I thought it was quite nice” - Leigh Padley


Wet Eyes
Social Haul