Siv Jakobsen、'Romain's Place'のリリックビデオを公開

Siv Jakobsen
Jørgen Nordby

ノルウェー/オスロ拠点のシンガーソングライター Siv Jakobsenが、9/2にThe Nordic Mellowからリリースしたニューシングル 'Romain's Place'のリリックビデオを公開!

ディレクターは Jørgen Nordby。


プロデューサーに Hans Olav Settem, Simen Mitlidを迎え、Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, Hand Habits, Sylvan Esso, The Tallest Man On Earth)がミックスを担当し、Emma Gatrill (This Is The Kit, Nick Cave, Lucy Rose), Marcus Hamblett (Laura Marling, James Holden, The Staves)が演奏に参加してます。


“Right before the pandemic hit, I was on a small tour and found myself back in a city I used to call home. I hadn’t been back since I left it (and the relationship I had there) behind a good few years ago. I felt quite shocked with how my body and mind reacted to being back, and realised quickly that I had some emotional unpacking to do. I was staying with my friend Romain at the time, and for me my time in his apartment encapsulates this realisation and the start of me dealing with these ghosts from my past that had laid dormant for a while. I was so overwhelmed at the time that it felt as if I was going crazy. I really did feel haunted, as if I had jumped into a time-machine and was somehow back in the past.” - Siv Jakobsen


Live Dates

27 Sep - Tivoliredenburg Club9, Utrecht (Netherlands)
29 Sep - The Slaughtered Lamb, London
8 Oct - Tenement Trail, Glasgow

7 Feb - Prince Albert, Brighton
8 Feb - The Louisiana, Bristol
10 Feb - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
11 Feb - Gullivers, Manchester
12 Feb - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
14 Feb - die wohngemeinschaft, Cologne (Germany)
15 Feb - L’Archipel, Paris (France)
16 Feb - Botanique, Brussels (Belgium)
18 Feb - Upstairs Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
21 Feb - Privatclub, Berlin (Germany)
22 Feb - Mojo Jazz Café, Hamburg (Germany)
25 Feb - Rust, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Romain's Place
The Nordic Mellow