[NYP] Ricky Eat Acid、19曲入りのニューアルバムを発表

メリーランド州出身の Sam Ray (Teen Suicide, Julia Brown)によるソロプロジェクト Ricky Eat Acidが、19曲入りのニューアルバム『A whole lot of music from past few years, all of which i hope you enjoy』をname your priceで発表!

あと、Teen Suicideが American Pleasure Clubに改名して新しいアルバム『i blew on a dandelion and the whole world disappeared』をリリースしたので合わせてどうぞ。

American Pleasure Club - i blew on a dandelion and the whole world disappeared

it's all free, but any $$ donated goes to me making more music, getting back gear i need, computer stuff to replace what i lost blah blah blah basically all of that kind of shit. its appreciated, but not essential. if you wanna grab it for free, that rocks just maybe pass the link along to a friend you think would like it, or share it on your twitter, facebook, whatever if something really speaks to you.