UKインディーロックアクト Phil Madeley、デビュー曲 'Same Skies'を公開

Phil Smithies

イングランド/バーミンガム拠点のアーティスト Phil Madeleyが、10/11にNice Swan Recordsからリリースしたデビューシングル 'Same Skies'を公開!

Sports Team, Pip Blom, FURといった今まさに絶好調なバンドをフックアップしてきた審美眼が光るレーベル Nice Swanの新人アクト。



“Same Skies is about losing a sense of understanding in ones standing, whether that be in relationships, or politics for example. It’s about the suffering that’s caused when trying to find a middle ground in a climate of division. It’s coming from the other side fuelled by insecurity to question how hopeless it is to try and make the other person see it my way, but obviously there’s more similarities in us than there are credible points for division.”


Live Dates


29th – London – Peckham Ryewax
30th – Birmingham – O2 Academy3 w/ Violet
31st – Manchester – Night and Day Cafe


23rd – Southampton – Heartbreakers w/ Do Nothing

Same Skies
Phil Madeley
Nice Swan