カナダのアンビエントデュオ North Atlantic Driftが新作『Departures, Vol. 1』をリリース

Laura Abercrombie

カナダ/トロント出身のデュオ North Atlantic Driftが、3/17にPolar Seasからニューアルバム『Departures, Vol. 1』をリリース!

North Atlantic Driftは、Mike Abercrombie (Transits Of Mercury)と Brad Deschamps (Anthéne)の2人組。今作をリリースしたレーベル Polar Seasの主宰でもあります。

“Brad and I are really trying to get at a certain sound we adore- a simplified ambient drone garnished with static and texture, stretched and given tension with string-like timbres. It’s a way to escape the overly hyped, mass produced pop productions currently dominating music. I like to joke that we make sounds like a tortured orchestra, which by complete coincidence, almost perfectly describes one of the videos made”

Departures, Vol. 1
North Atlantic Drift
Polar Seas