UKインディーポップバンド Nature TV、'She Wants To See You Cry'を公開

Nature TV
Ben Pender

イングランド/ブライトンを拠点に活動するインディーポップバンド Nature TVが、10/9にHeist Or Hit Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'She Wants To See You Cry'を公開!

Lion Bark時代の良質なメロディラインと少し大人になった印象のアンサンブルが織りなす秋の良曲。


“I wrote the song quite a while ago when I was going through a classic case of heartbreak. It’s kind of me overthinking things and playing out conversations by myself, running through previous examples and scenaries then feeling paranoid about it all, before trying to rationalise everything” - Guy Bangham


Live Dates

12 Oct – HUBS, Sheffield*
15 Oct – Heartbreakers, Southampton*
16 Oct – Boileroom, Guildford*
17 Oct – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton*
19 Oct – Bermuda Bob’s, Norwich (Wild Paths Festival)

*supporting Trudy and the Romance