カナダのインディーロックバンド Native Other、10/7にデビューEPをリリース

カナダ/オシャワ出身のインディーロックバンド Native Otherが、10/7にデビューEP『If I Can Keep It Together』をリリース!


"I wrote this song about a girl I met at a friend's party and instantly felt a connection to. It was one of those nights we've all had, where it's 4am and you're two of the last people awake— talking about constellations and life in Ukraine. She had only been in Canada for two years, so there were some complications in fully understanding each other, but I was really into her and vice versa. The title 'Palms' came about from how she unexpectedly fell into my life and immediately became my primary inspiration. The remainder of the EP follows the trajectory from when I met her to where I'm currently at emotionally. It became an instant band favourite and the vibe felt perfect to end the summer with. Enjoy! 🤘🌴"