Mystic Peach、'Ursodfrnt'のMVを公開

イングランド/サウサンプトン拠点のオルタナティヴロックバンド Mystic Peachが、7/6にHoneymooner Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Ursodfrnt'のMVを公開!

Mystic Peachは Curtis Gale, Joe Ingram, Jimi Allenの3人組。昨年11月にデビューEPを発表したニューカマーで、これまでに The Black Lips, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Templesなどと共演してます。

'Ursodfrnt'は Tom Orrell (Weirds, Koyo, Austin Gold)をプロデューサーに迎えた楽曲で、サイケもグランジもパンクも全部ギュッとまとめた混沌と興奮の具合が最高ですね。


“This is our perspective of a modern society where we spectate on petty, point scoring and vindictive lay-abouts that lack the initiative to take up a hobby that isn’t scanning strangers lives. A simple, dumbed-down ‘utopia’ that has no room for simple life. So here’s a song to suit the needs of modern life, a verse that promises so much, but the chorus is lacklustre. Senseless lyrics with words that no one knows what it’s meant to mean. A perfect recipe to attract attention of our fellow primates.” - Curtis Gale


Live Dates

3rd September - Manchester Psych Fest
13th October - Supersonic, Paris
17th October - The Tube, Düsseldorf, Germany
18th October - Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany
21st + 22nd October - Left of The Dial Festival, Rotterdam
11th November - The Joiners, Southampton
18th November - The Old Bus Depot, Nottingham
19th November - The Grace, London

Mystic Peach