Alex Amor, The Deep Blue、'Bad Tattoo'を公開

Harvey Pearson

グラスゴー出身ロンドン拠点のインディーポップ・アーティスト Alex Amorが、7/6にYoung Poetからリリースしたニューシングル 'Bad Tattoo'を公開!

10/14発売のEP『The Art Of Letting Go』収録曲で、コラボレーターとしてマンチェスター拠点のバンド The Deep Blueが参加してます。

のちにスターになる人がまだインディーだった時代、のような雰囲気。そもそもこの曲以外の制作陣が Karma Kid (Poppy Ajudha), Mack Jamieson (Mahalia), Gianluca Buccellati (Arlo Parks)という一流揃いなので気合が入ってて当然というか。


“Bad Tattoo was written about a time when I wanted to forget someone. They kept making unwanted appearances in my thoughts across the day: while I was walking home, doing chores, lying in bed awake at night. I find it bizarre how it’s much easier to forget the good times but impossible to forget the bad times. It seems that our worst memories are stored somewhere deep inside of us and as much as I wanted to erase this person from my head, they persisted on my skin like a bad tattoo. Like one of those drunken tattoos you get in Ibiza at 3am and regret for the rest of your life.”


Live Dates

10 July, Glasgow - TRNSMT Festival
29 July, Edinburgh - Over The Bridge Festival

Bad Tattoo
Alex Amor, The Deep Blue
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