ドイツのシンガー・プロデューサー Mogliiが新曲 'Girl ft. Ben Werchohlad'を公開

Sebastian Lehner

NOVAAとのコラボEPもバッチリ良かったドイツ拠点のシンガー・プロデューサー Mogliiが、Ben Werchohladを迎えたニューシングル 'Girl'を公開!

"The song is about regrets, and bad decisions. There are moments you have to grasp and those where you should take a look at what you already have. But sometimes that just doesn't work out and you end up making a decision that you regret. That's what the lyrics are about. Making a mistake that you're stuck with and keeps your mind imprisoned." - Ben

""Girl" lives through Ben's soulful vocals in combination with a warm piano rmelody and digital sounding elements. The production creates an "underwater“ like atmosphere, which reflects the meaning of Ben's lyrics." - Moglii