バレアリック・ポップアクト Michael David、'Rain II'を公開

Michael David
Ian Tilghman

Classixx, Mt. Siのメンバーとして知られるロサンゼルス拠点のミュージシャン Michael Davidが、11/22にCascineからリリースするEP『There In Spirit / Rain II』より、'Rain II'を公開!

ミックスはDFA関連作品を多数手掛ける Eric Broucekと Joakim。そして Jex Opolis (Good Timin')による'Rain II'のリミックスを収録してます。


“‘Rain II’ and ‘There in Spirit’ are two songs that I made over the past year, mostly late at night in my garage while my family was sleeping. I’ve recently been interested in reintroducing some instruments from my high school years into the production. On ‘Rain II’ you’ll hear a 12 string guitar and percussion which is mostly made up of a Roland DR-5, a very unpopular drum machine from the mid-90s that my dad bought me when I was a kid. I also recorded the songs on a Tascam multi-track tape recorder. It was really nice to step away from the computer, the production process was very fulfilling and restorative.”