Mazey Haze、'Always Dancing'のMVを公開

Renee Meijer

オランダ/アムステルダム拠点のアーティスト Nadine Appeldoornによる名義 Mazey Hazeが、10/22にLUSTREからリリースするデビューEP『Always Dancing』より、タイトル曲のMVを公開!

制作は Fee Oomes, Nadine Appeldoorn。



“Always Dancing is a song about having an intervention with yourself after a rough period where lots of things have drastically changed. Trying to figure out what it means that you have been doing and where you want to go (for the first time). Realising you have to adapt to this new situation and wanting to grow with it so you can move forward. Being closed off after giving yourself away too easily, without thinking about it. For me personally, this song is about my first realisation that I can and need to take control over my own life. I was starting to feel quite okay while being alone and started seeing the first bits of light after (what felt like) a long time of darkness.” - Mazey Haze


Live Dates

23 SEP - Mezz, Breda (supporting Opera Alaska)
30 SEP - EKKO, Utrecht (supporting Opera Alaska)
14 OCT - Willemtwee, Den Bosch (supporting Opera Alaska)
4 NOV - Merleyn, Nijmegen (supporting Opera Alaska)
5 NOV - Rotown, Rotterdam (supporting Opera Alaska)
6 NOV - Paradiso, Amsterdam (Headline)


Always Dancing
Mazey Haze