Markus Nikolaus、'Bicycle Day'のMVを公開

Markus Nikolaus
Jesse Lirola

ドイツ/ベルリンを拠点に活動するアーティスト Markus Nikolausが、9月にPorzellan Barからリリースしたシングル 'Bicycle Day'のMVを公開!

ポストパンクバンド Lea Porcelainのシンガーのソロ曲。

alt-J, Apparatら著名バンドとの大規模ツアーや昨年のアルバム『Choirs to Heaven』発売およびツアーを終えてから、複合スタジオ施設 Funkhaus Berlinでソロ活動の作品づくりを始めたそうで、バンドとの違いはそこまで感じなかったけど良い曲です。


“Bicycle Day is a playful and psychedelic song that was originally written during the 1st Berlin lockdown after a very long bike ride and under the influence of mind altering substances, together with my girlfriend Sara. As the inventor of LSD was riding his bicycle while experiencing the effect for the first time, which is historically and commonly known as "the bicycle day”, I thought it would be the most appropriate way to describe song and express the freedom of limbo we felt and the fear of future we held. This sudden stop of literally any social life and live music performances and these very vage future promises, gave us this inexplicable drive to create music like we don’t care about anything but the purest outcome of it and take that beauty of doing nothing as an inspiration to create something amazing and accept along the way that sometimes in life - you cannot change anything about the situation you are in. And that it is ok to live with it in harmony instead of fighting it. Because only then, harmony will be given to you in return.”


Bicycle Day
Markus Nikolaus
Porzellan Bar