UKソロアーティスト MakeLoveが最新シングル'Dive In'のMVを公開


UKロンドン郊外出身のソロアーティスト MakeLoveが、11月にリリースしたシングル'Dive In'のMVを公開!


"'Dive in' is a love song. In all of the music I write there is a plead from one to another. Wanting or needing love and not being able to hide that affection. At the time of writing I was watching a lot of Charlie Chaplin films and listening to a lot of Paul McCartney when he decided to go disco for 20 minutes. Chaplin always played characters that do ridiculous acts to earn the love of others. Unashamed dancing and unashamed love."

こちらはPat Lokによるリミックス。