Maisie May、'When in doubt,'を公開

Parker Hao, Olivia Parker

カリフォルニア州ロサンゼルス拠点のシンガーソングライター・プロデューサー Maisie Mayが、10/27にHarcourt Palomaからリリースしたニューシングル 'When in doubt,'を公開!

今冬発売予定のEP『All In』収録曲。

9月の印象的なシングル 'Small Talk'に続いて、共同プロデュースは Aaron Sayre, Kaleb Fulmer。浮遊感のある歌声を程よく際立たせる音の押し引きが素晴らしいです。


“All of a sudden I was losing grasp of someone who I thought was going to be in my life forever. I felt so dumb for ever thinking I had control over someone else’s feelings. So I wrote this song, it made me feel better, and then I put it on the back burner and forgot about it. 2 years later, I brought it into the studio with Aaron and Kaleb and their production style brought the poem to life in a way I didn’t think was possible. They captured how I felt perfectly and I’m stoked to share it with everyone.”



When in doubt,
Maisie May
Harcourt Paloma