オルタナ・フォークデュオ Library Baby、'I Guess'を公開

Library Baby


ノースカロライナ州拠点のデュオ Library Babyが、9/17にCrying Cat Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'I Guess'を公開!

Library Babyは D’est Roy名義で知られる Sarah Royalと、ギタリスト Justin Lacyによる2人組。楽曲の制作には Carlos Garcia, Jon Hill, Laura Yorkが参加してます。



“Justin started playing this subtle harmonic guitar part that inspired this hauntingly beautiful melody and lyrics to pour out of me,” “It felt like I was channeling another time, as if someone was crying out through me. I like to think it was the voice of my grandmother from Smithfield, NC. She sacrificed a lot in her life to care for five kids on her own.” - Sarah Royal


I Guess
Library Baby
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