スウェーデン出身のインディーポップ・アーティスト lodetが、5/6にLodettaからリリースしたニューシングル 'Smile'を公開!

lodetはストックホルム拠点のミュージシャン Joakim Björnbergによるソロプロジェクトで、2020年にMatthew E. WhiteプロデュースのデビューEP『Many Days』を発表してます。

現在はMathias Zachrisson (ex-Simian Ghost)とスタジオを共有し、近日発売予定のデビューアルバム『My Bonnie』を制作。今回発表した'Smile'はアルバムに収録される楽曲です。



“’Smile’ was not an obvious choice. The riff was recorded in 2018 and I had been waiting for the right opportunity to finish it. The opportunity came when Joq (keys) left the studio to take an evening walk along the fields around the fields of Flakeberg - where the album is recorded. He stumbled upon my laptop on his way out and the riff started playing. Hovis, the drummer, felt sudden inspiration and laid a steady groove to it. Smack! There it is I thought! When Joq came back to the studio and listen back I noticed how he had started to move his hips. One first... then two. I thought: now let’s fill a fuel tank and throw a spark in there. Then the process continued and we are very happy with the result.”