オルタナロックバンド Spunsugar、'Hatchet'を公開



スウェーデン/マルメ出身のオルタナティヴロックバンド Spunsugarが、10/1にAdrian RecordingsからリリースしたEP『Things That I Confuse』より、'Hatchet'を公開!

昨年リリースした素敵なデビューアルバム『Drive-Through Chapel』に続く新作。シューゲイザーやポストパンクに影響を受けたサウンドと全曲ドラムマシン使用(ドラマーがいない)、耳に残るメロディの3つが激強なバンドですね。今作ももれなく最高だったので、特に好きなこの曲を選んでみました。


“The songs on "Things That I Confuse" pretty much wrote themselves in a frenzy. Still, they sound more Spunsugar than ever. It's still as timeless and nostalgic as it is fresh. The four songs consist of two more poplike tracks and two that have kept the more noisy aggressive sound that has become a staple of the band. Now there's an added layer of an icy lo-fi feel. References to giallo films and Japanese movie monsters work to tell stories of close relationships, trauma and regret that keeps one up at night. Every second is thought through, there's no unnecessary fluff. Every note serves a purpose on this EP.”