オーストラリア/ニューカッスル拠点のアーティスト JVLYが、11/24にMajestic Casual Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'swim'を公開!

JVLYはプロデューサー・ミュージシャン・ボーカリスト Kayle Butlerによる名義。トレンドのサイクルが早い中でもきちんと素敵な人をフックアップする Majestic Casualらしいアーティストですね。

'swim'の共同制作は Healey Olsen。Jungle, LEISURE, Omar Apolloのラインにビシッとハマる気持ちいいやつ。


“I like the irony of contrasting a kind of futile situation with a sound that makes you feel good. Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) is good at that. If you relate to the story, and the song takes you to a place that’s spirited, it might give you a bit of solace, or at least a sense that you’re not alone in the gloom. All the soul, funk and house at the afterparty is the influence sonically, I love a lot of that stuff. The chord progressions, the movement, the sounds.

I find that if I notice I’m thinking about something a lot over a period of a few days, it’s probably worth trying to carve those thoughts into a couple of lines. It might not amount to much sometimes, but at least it might help make sense of the jumble that is often trying to tell you something. That’s where swim comes from, a blurting of that mess, that’s why the lines are really just blunt statements. So, I guess the essence of it is vice, whatever or even whoever that is for you.” - JVLY


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