JoJo Worthington、'The Divide'を公開

JoJo Worthington


カナダ/モントリオールを拠点に活動するプロデューサー・ソングライター・コンポーザー JoJo Worthingtonが、4/7にリリースしたニューシングル 'The Divide'を公開!

これまでに Novo Amor, Ariana Gillis, Frightened Rabbit, Great Lake Swimmers, The Grapes of Wrathの前座をつとめ、Canadian Folk Music AwardにノミネートされたThe Lifers『Honey Suite』の共同プロデュースなど外仕事でもバリバリ活躍する人です。



“The space between opposite opinions can seem so huge,” “I think we’ve really thrown it out of proportion. We should still be able to converse, respect and ultimately agree to disagree when it comes to most topics. It just felt like the news and social media just wanted to continue driving this huge divide between political identities. “You know in movies when there’s an earthquake and the earth splits open and it separates the protagonist and the love interest and then sometimes you see people fall in the gap? It’s kinda about the people in the gap and trying to find a home there.” - JoJo Worthington


The Divide
JoJo Worthington