[NYP] 全く埋もれない才能!元Tubelordのメンバー率いるUKポップバンド Joey Fourrが新曲'Playy'のMVを公開

エモ混じりのポップセンスが素晴らしかったバンド Tubelordのフロントマン Joseph Prendergastを中心に結成されたインディーポップバンド Joey Fourrが、新曲'Playy'のMVを公開!

JOEY FOURR were booked to play a short 4 date tour in Portugal, on the morning of our flights I couldn't find my passport, the others flew without me. The plan was I would find it and book a new flight for the next day of day after and meet them in Sobrainho da Ribeira. I turned my room inside trying to find the passport out but without any luck.
I painted the walls pink to keep my mind off of things.

I wrote some songs and 'PLAYY' came out of this weird situation of being in one place physically but mentally elsewhere.

After 3 or 4 days the passport was found tucked deep inside the bag we used to carry the guitar pedals. It was with them the entire time. I am happy with the pink walls.

楽曲はBandcampからname your priceで入手可!

4月にリリースされたナイスなデビューアルバム To The Floor も合わせてチェック。