気になるポップアーティスト Jinka、デビュー曲 'Trash From The Past'のMVを公開



ドイツ/ベルリンを拠点に活動するソロアーティスト Jinkaが、7/28リリースのデビューシングル 'Trash From The Past'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Mario Clement。

"At the beginning of the song, Trash From The Past might make you feel like you’re attending a Formula 1 race, while there’s seagulls fighting over a piece of hot dog right next to you, but if your ears are sonically hardened and you get past this initial phase of irritation, I hope that the listener becomes intrigued by the power of its punkesque binary stop-and-go structure, the catchiness of its joyful melodies and the comforting message that the ability to forget is a strange skill facilitating the pursuit of happiness."