Idle Hours、'Souvenirs'を公開

Idle Hours
Piran Aston


イングランド/マンチェスター拠点のインディーロックバンド Idle Hoursが、4/27にリリースしたニューシングル 'Souvenirs'を公開!

Idle Hoursは Jack Waldron, Tom Ashton, Jimmy Brown, Alex Needhamの4人組。これまでに The Lounge Society, KEG, The Rills, Silverbacksと共演してます。

Seanda Mcphail (The Orielles, Doves, Blanketman)がプロデュースを務めた'Souvenirs'は、今夏発売予定のデビューEPに収録される楽曲です。


“The foundations of ‘Souvenirs’ were written after listening to ‘Angie’ by Shame on repeat during a dog walk in the 2020 sun. I loved the driving repetition of that song and it inspired me to try and write something similar. Lyrically the song is inspired by the idea of an extraterrestrial landing in Disneyland, and this being their first and only impressions of Earth. ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert Heinlein was a major influence on the song and is referenced in the second verse. Banksy’s Dismaland project was also a source of inspiration” - Jack Waldron


Live Dates

30th April - Muthers Studio, Birmingham (w/ Pynch)