エモ・オルタナロックバンド I Feel Fine、'Selfsame'のMVを公開

イングランド/ブライトン拠点のオルタナティヴロックバンド I Feel Fineが、9/10にVenn Recordsからリリースするデビューアルバム『The Cold in Every Shelter』より、先行シングル 'Selfsame'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Corenchien。

I Feel Fineは Joe, Nathan, Antoine, Jackの4人組。イントロのギターから合唱系の歌に入りそれ以降もEMOのエモらしさ全開のパフォーマンスで素晴らしい。FFOは挙げたらキリがないけど、このバンドを嫌いになる人はまずいないと思います。他の曲も気になるなー。

I Feel Fine - The Cold In Every Shelter


“One of the main recurring themes on the album is me identifying my flaws, in the hope that by challenging them I’d be some steps quicker to dispelling their traces altogether. Writing the lyrics to this one was a real watershed moment in that journey personally, because it’s where it really occurred to me that these problems are not so new as they appear. Sure, they may enter under alternating circumstances or come dressed differently, but the shortfalls I battle today are the very same I’ve been batting off for just shy of two decades at this point. So, this is me exploring that.” - Nathan Tompkins


I Feel Fine