ポストパンクバンド Home Counties、'White Shirt / Clean Shirt'を公開

Naz Stone

イングランド/ブリストル拠点のポストパンクバンド Home Countiesが、3/16にAlcopop! Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'White Shirt / Clean Shirt'を公開!

1月のシングル 'Modern Yuppies'に続いて最高の新曲が届きました。Devoばりの高揚感と鳴ってる音が全部くっきりすっきりしてて気持ちいい。


“The two singles are linked lyrically, both looking at working life under contemporary capitalism. ‘Yuppies’ was written about the destructive mentality of middle-class professionals - constantly wanting more success, more money and more consumer goods. ’White Shirt / Clean Shirt’ looks at the less aspirational, and more universal reality of office work. It voices that feeling of losing your sense of self and place as you go into work, dressed uniformly in a Next suit, in an indistinguishable space, staring at another spreadsheet. It’s also got a bit of a ‘how did I get here?’ sentiment, being at work thinking about what more aspirational (or more expensively educated) people might be doing. Ultimately, it voices a feeling of having ‘learnt to fall’, rather than taught to succeed - sinking into the safety net of unfulfilling white collar work.” - Will Harrison